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rainbow collages

students will create large, whimsical rainbows using a variety of collage materials such as colored paper, pom-poms, buttons, sequins, stickers, & feathers.  

block printing

Students will explore block printing by carving their image into a linoleum block and using ink to print multiple images on paper and greeting cards.  Students will have an opportunity to swap prints and leave with multiple works of art.

ages 10 and up

abstract collagraph printing

Using recycled cardboard and soft foam, students will create their own unique printing plates which they will use to create a series of beautiful abstract prints.

canvas painting

Canvas painting classes will include canvas, brushes, paint smock, & will use water based paint. 

Choose From:

Fluorescent Silhouettes, Georgia O'keefe Inspired Flowers, Fluorescent Galaxies, Landscapes, Banksy Graffiti Art, Tape Resist Painting, Marvelous Mandalas

watercolor painting

Students will learn a variety of textural watercolor techniques which they will use to create a series of miniature abstract paintings.

circular weaving

Using a circular loom, students will have fun using colorful yarn to create a beautiful, eye catching weaving.

embroidery wall hanging

Students will explore the basics of embroidery using an embroidery hoop, easy to stitch burlap, colorful yarn, and beads.

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